What does a Brexit mean for your data sovereignty?

What does a Brexit mean for your data sovereignty 1

What does a Brexit mean for your data sovereignty? Why choosing a cloud provider based exclusively in the UK is a good idea.

As Britain faces a potential exit from the EU, UK businesses should be focusing their attention on the implications of a Brexit, and how this may affect their data.

Political and economic factors of leaving the EU have been the primary focus of businesses in the UK, but how does the potential Brexit affect one of our most important business assets – our data?

At a time that leaves Britain in a state of uncertainty, UK Businesses should make it an all time priority to be certain where their most valuable data is located. Leaving the EU could have a significant impact on UK data laws, meaning organisations operating in the UK with data stored overseas, could be forced to relocate their data back to the UK.

VMware commissioned a study of 250 independent public and private sector organisations to assess their readiness for a shift in legislation. The research showed that businesses are doing very little to prepare for the change, with almost two thirds of IT decision makers uncertain about where their data actually lives. A third of those surveyed said their data is stored somewhere outside of the UK, with only ten per cent of those certain they will be able to bring the data back to the UK safely if needed.

It’s in your best interests to act sooner rather than later, both financially and for peace of mind. By choosing a cloud provider that uses only UK datacentres, businesses can at least tackle one implication of leaving the EU. Re-establishing control of data, and ensuring data is stored on home turf, will mean businesses are better prepared in the event of any changes in the future that could affect the Data Protection Act.

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