Asigra Cloud Backup

Illustration 2. Microsoft Office 365

Cloud Backup Made Easy

Selecting a cloud backup, recovery and restore platform can be a major decision for your business, but it doesn’t have to be a difficult one. Setting up Datastore365’s cloud backup service, in partnership with Asigra, could not be easier. Typically only one instance of our small footprint client needs to be installed on your premises in order to collect data from all servers, network or local drives, applications and systems, wherever they may reside on your LAN.

Illustration 2. Microsoft Office 365
Illustration 1 Public Cloud

Protect Your Endpoint Data

Additional clients which offer remote backup capability for information held on desktops, laptops, smartphones and tablets may also be installed directly onto the mobile devices.

Agentless Cloud Backup Architecture

Asigra does not require any agents to be installed but instead reaches out over the network to back up operating systems, file systems and applications using industry-standard programming interfaces

Illustration 2 Hybrid Cloud

Easy Data Restoration

Data is de-duplicated, encrypted, compressed and transmitted to our highly secure, fully resilient datacentre in Milton Keynes. It’s then replicated to our sister facility in Reading for total security.

For businesses with remote or branch offices, the Datastore365 solution with Asigra enables safe, consistent, automated data backup without the need to employ IT personnel at each site. Remote office servers, desktops and notebooks are targeted by the main office DS-client which captures, encrypts and stores all data. Working in this way ensures compliance as well as reducing the costs involved in securing files at smaller or secondary sites. Fast and simple restoration can then be made from either remote or main office locations.

Illustration 2 Hybrid Cloud
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How It Works

Datastore365’s online backup solution consists of two components; the DS-client and the DS-system. The DS-client software is installed either locally or remotely on any existing Windows, Macintosh or Linux server. Once installed, the DS-client captures data from your network before compressing, encrypting and transmitting it to the DS-system.

With our advanced support structure, we provide 24-hour support coverage, 365 days a year. Our support team stays awake so you don’t have to, and give you the confidence that your data is protected around the clock. Cloud backup is all about recovery, and if you are unable to restore your servers in an emergency, your backups are worthless. We provide a service not just software. We are committed to helping you until you are fully up and running again.

Features And Benefits

  • Simple Pay-Per-Gigabyte Pricing Model

  • Data Stored Off-Site In UK Datacentres But Instantly Available

  • Easy To Use, Automated, Agentless Software

  • Proactive Monitoring And Web Portal

  • De-duplication

  • 256-bit AES encryption and compression at source

  • FIPS 140-2 accreditation

  • 24/7 support

  • Protects all operating systems and applications

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