Disaster Recovery As A Service

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Recovering a single server or entire infrastructure has never been simpler.

A cloud-based disaster recovery solution can help you protect your virtual or physical infrastructure from unexpected outages. That way, you can keep up with the demands for heightened security, availability and compatibility.

Datastore365’s Virtual DR (DRaaS) enables your business to have your systems up and running quickly and efficiently without the cost of additional hardware and remote sites.

Disaster Recovery Illustration 1
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Why choose Datastore365’s DRaaS Service?

DRaaS offers rapidly deployable solutions that combine the flexibility and scalability of a shared resource model, with 24/7 support to deliver peace of mind.

For IT departments being asked to do more with less, disaster recovery delivered as a service and managed in the cloud offers a cost-effective way to secure data. By taking advantage of Datastore365’s Cloud2Day platform as a secondary site, you can move the investment from a capital to an operational expense with affordable fees and no upfront investments or reinvestment.

DRaaS also allows you to keep up with the demands for heightened security, availability and compatibility. By moving disaster recovery to a shared resource model, available through the cloud and managed as a service, IT can be freed to focus on the future with the confidence that their data is secure.

Same Business Day

Datastore365’s Same Day Virtual DR (DRaaS) Service offers you a same-business-day service level agreement. There are multiple technologies which we can leverage to deliver the appropriate DR which is perfectly suited to your requirements.

Features and benefits

Disaster Recovery 01

Minimise downtime and the impact of your business by recovering data quickly

Disaster Recovery 02

Expand to match the growth of your business

Disaster Recovery 03

Reduce your capital expenditure by removing the need to buy expensive backup servers

Disaster Recovery 04

Free up staff to focus on business priorities

One-Hour Recovery

Datastore365’s One-Hour Virtual DR (DRaaS) Service replicates your on-premise servers, on a one-to-one basis, to their virtual counterparts residing on Datastore365’s vCloud Powered Cloud2Day platform. As a result, your protected servers are able to fail over to their mirrors just minutes after a system failure. One-hour recovery is ideal for businesses that can’t afford to be without their systems for more than an hour.

Features and benefits

Disaster Recovery 06

Shift disaster recovery costs from CapEx to OpEx

Disaster Recovery 07

Data stored off-site in UK datacentres but instantly available

Disaster Recovery 08

Easy to use, automated, agentless software

Disaster Recovery 09

Proactive monitoring and web portal

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