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About the Cloud Specialists

At Datastore365, our approach is not about public, private or hybrid clouds, or even “the Cloud.” It is about your cloud – your unique journey to deploy a cloud model appropriate for your business needs. Since 2005, the Cloud Specialists have helped many businesses thrive and survive and will continue to do so for many more.
the cloud specialists

Our brainy team of cloud specialists have all the knowledge and expertise to take your business to new heights.

We keep your data as safe and secure as possible in our UK datacentres. Think of it as the Fort Knox of the cloud computing world.

From Sole Traders to Global Giants

We care about the future of your business. That’s why at Datastore365, we take that extra step to ensure we deliver safe and secure cloud services that you can rely on. As our customers range from one-person offices to large corporations with hundreds of locations, we are proud to offer an easily managed, affordable solution that can grow with your business’s needs.

Most Modern Technology

Saying hello to the Cloud Specialists means waving goodbye to the worries of dated hardware, as switching to the Datastore365 cloud means your business is always using state of the art technology, located in the very best data centres in the UK. At Datastore365, flexibility and speed of response are key. We always deliver on time, and pride ourselves on our ability to adapt to the ever-changing IT landscape. Get in touch today to start your 30 day free trial.

our mission

to provide your business with a safe pair of hands and around the clock support through secure state of the art cloud services you can rely on.

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