Our UK Datacentres

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Safe, Secure, Stringent

Safeguarding your data is our absolute top priority. That’s why our UK-based datacentres in Milton Keynes and Reading are tier-4, enterprise-class facilities with unmatched resilience and a variety of critical security features.

Our UK Datacentres Illustration 1

Our datacentres are…

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We have extremely strong disaster recovery measures in place. Our emergency backup generators provide contingency power supply to our datacentres, even in the event of a natural disaster or a fire that may cause a mains power outage.

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Anyone who wants to gain unauthorised access has to get past a 4m-high steel fence with razor-wire extensions, perimeter alarms connected to roller shutters, and both physical security staff and surveillance that operate 24/7. Even authorised personnel have to use a secure double gate to get in.

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All perimeter areas are covered with high-resolution LED cameras. Internally, all entrance points are covered with separate multiple cameras, while each hall has a minimum of four CCTV cameras, monitored by site personnel and remote site staff.

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Our datacentres operate to ISO27001 standards, are PCI-compliant, support high rack power densities of up to 15kW, and are connected to a resilient, multi-carrier high speed network with 2ms of network latency.

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