ACS House, Oxwich Close, Northampton NN4 7BH
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Our UK Datacentres

Our datacentres are tier 4 enterprise class facilities with unmatched resilience and performance.

At Datastore365, we might be a fun-loving bunch, but we take security very seriously. We keep your data as safe and secure as possible in our UK datacentres by using dozens of critical security features.


We listen to our own advice, as we also have extremely robust disaster recovery measures in place.  Our emergency backup generators continue to power our datacenters, even in the event of a natural disaster or fire that may cause a power outage.


To prevent unauthorised access to the building, the perimeter security includes a 4 Metre Steel framework fence surrounds the entire perimeter, featuring razor-wire extensions where appropriate. Authorised personnel must pass through a secure double gate, where additional perimeter alarms are connected to roller shutters.


All perimeter areas are covered with over 24 high resolution LED cameras. Internally, all entrance points are covered with separate multiple cameras. Each hall has a minimum of 4 CCTV cameras which are monitored by site personnel and remote site staff.

secure datacentres

Our datacentres are of the highest
security standards and certifications

Our datacentres operate to ISO27001, are PCI compliant, support high rack power densities up to 15kW, and are connected by a resilient, multi-carrier high speed network with 2ms of network latency.

We have security guards
patrolling our datacentres 24/7

In addition to video surveillance, our facility has 24/7 vetted manned guarding on site, ensuring all grounds are physically monitored and protected around the clock. It is also monitored by an independent 24/7 security service.