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A highly secure, cloud-based, enterprise-level file sharing and collaboration solution.

Datastore365’s File Sync & Share delivers the simplicity and ease of use associated with consumer level file sharing products like DropBox and Box, but with the security and management controls which are essential for enterprise IT use.

Illustration 1 Cloud Backup

Key Benefits:

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All data is stored in our UK datacentres so you know exactly where it is, all the time.

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High Security

We provide a higher level of security for file sharing through high levels of encryption when the data is in transit and rest.

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Strong Access Control

We provide a higher level of security for file sharing through high levels of encryption when the data is in transit and rest.

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Audit Trail

Leverage full reporting functionality on what users are uploading or downloading.

Key Features:

  • Easy File Sharing: Empower end-users to collaborate with other departments or third-party companies in a secure manner. Access to collaboration folders can be managed through time-based access controls, read/write privileges and time-limited sharing, with no IT staff involvement. Ad-hoc sharing of files with external users using time- limited unique URLs is also available.

  • Data, Any Time, Anywhere: Access data from anywhere on a variety of devices such as PCs, laptops, tablets & smartphones. File synchronisation ensures that data is also available offline.

  • Trusted And Secure: With client-side encryption, data-at -rest encryption in the cloud and user-controlled encryption keys, Datastore365’s File Sync & Share provides a secure alternative to non-secure public cloud services.

  • Mobile app: Datastore365’s File Sync & Share Mobile App integrates with its cloud file-sharing mechanism and provides file access and collaboration capabilities from mobile devices including iPhones, iPads and Android devices. The app includes FTP alternative and large file transfer, secure file access for BYOD users and many more helpful features.

  • Integration With Active Directory/LDAP: Use your existing Active Directory or LDAP directory services for identity management and user authentication, avoiding duplicate directory services, ensuring rapid deployment and maintaining role-based access privileges.

  • Folder synchronisation: User files are automatically synchronised between their PC or laptop and their cloud folder, keeping files accessible and maintaining version control.

  • Project Team Collaboration: Users can set up joint cloud storage workspaces in the form of ‘cloud folders’ for collaborating with colleagues, which allows users to share and access files easily from anywhere, avoid the risks of consumer cloud applications, extend sharing to mobile devices and much more.

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