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The ‘Green’ Cloud…

We’re not talking about that dodgy smell lingering in your office – that was probably Geoff sitting next to you – excuse you, Geoff! Nope, we’re talking Eco-Friendly IT and the surprisingly green benefits of switching to the cloud.

When thinking of IT, chances are, you’re not instantly thinking ‘Eco-Friendly’.  An article by Matt Smith at Dell discusses the elements of cloud computing that are actually much greener than you’d expect.

“Fewer machines — In many small business and corporate environments, server utilization rates hover around 5 or 10 percent. This means that you need more servers to get the same amount of work done. With the cloud, utilization rates are typically 60-70 percent — shared data centers can employ fewer machines to get an equivalent capacity.”

Servers are extremely expensive to purchase and to power. The cost of in-house hardware can cost your business a fortune and may not always be used to its full potential. By investing in a cloud solution, your business can operate on a pay-as-you-go system, as the cloud can be scaled up or down based on fluctuations in demand. As a large number of organisations share the same infrastructure, your business can remove energy costs associated with powering in-house hardware. The bottom line is, migrating to the Cloud means minimising waste.

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Generally speaking, the switch to digital has led to an increase in online workplaces meaning less is spent on physical resources. In addition to this, the ability to work from a virtual workspace reduces the carbon footprint of each individual employee.

According to the Carbon Disclosure Project, a company that adopts cloud computing can not only improve operational efficiency by lowering its capital expenditure on IT resources, it can also reduce its energy consumption, and decrease its carbon emissions simultaneously.

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