New Year, New Backup

New Year New Backup

Whilst everybody else is making plans to join a gym, eat better or wash their socks more regularly, its time you grabbed the new year by the cahonas and did something about your online backup.

1. Eliminate Risk

Look at the range of things that could go wrong with your IT systems, not just one specific scenario. Focus on the steps necessary to RECOVER, in order to get your business up and running again.

2. Cut down on unnecessary costs

Moving to the cloud can provide your business with significant savings. Cloud migration means businesses will see a decrease in rack space, power usage and IT requirements which means lower installation, maintenance, hardware, upgrade and support costs.

3. Detox your emails & web browser

Web filtering delivers an essential layer of protection from scammers and other malicious content long before you are exposed to them.

4. Construct a business continuity plan

In the event of an emergency restricting access to your premises, or even just a power-cut – it is vital that business can continue as normal. Being thoroughly prepared for situations like these means having a continuity plan in place, allowing operations via mobile phone, laptop, iPad or even good old-fashioned handshakes to carry on without disturbance.

5. Test your virtualisation

DRaaS providers such as ourselves can carry out disaster recovery tests, to ensure all data can be safely recovered in the event of an actual emergency. This enables your business to sail through any challenges it may face in the future, with minimal disruptions.

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