5 biggest challenges when moving your business to the cloud

5 biggest challenges when moving your business to the cloud

Top 5 challenges when moving your business to the cloud, and how to overcome them…

1. Cloud Adaptation

When moving to the cloud, the biggest challenge isn’t cloud technology itself, it’s challenging your team to adapt to cloud technology. Younger start-ups often have this in place from the get-go, but introducing cloud technology to an established business may take a little getting used to. Transitioning to the cloud can take time, but in the long run works out extremely beneficial. Ensuring all team members are well informed of the new (and more efficient!) ways of working in the cloud can help to ensure this process is performed seamlessly.

2. Defining a Strategy

Flexibility, cost savings, agility and performance… The list of cloud computing benefits is endless. Aligning your business objectives with your cloud strategy will help your business use the cloud to it’s full potential. If you aren’t fully aware of these benefits, our cloud specialists are here to advise you on how the cloud can work wonders for your business, simply drop us a line.

3. Getting Over the What If’s and Cloud Fears

When making the big move to the cloud, it’s only natural to have those niggling fears in the back of your mind. ‘Will the cloud be as safe as my on-site servers?’ ‘Will I have full control over my data?’ Yes – there’s bound to be a few psychological factors involved, ask the questions, our cloud specialists are here to put your mind at ease.

4. Time and Cost Challenges

Moving data doesn’t have to be slow or costly. Losing valuable time and money during the move need no longer be a challenge worth losing sleep over. Our experienced cloud specialists are here to make it seamless and undisruptive, so you can continue your daily routine as normal.

5. Security Adaptation

Utilising the latest cloud technology and security platforms is great, but security doesn’t end there. As cloud providers, we ensure the security of your data is second to none, but we can’t handle all security aspects of your company. We can however advise you on the best way to tackle this hurdle in your organisation. By encouraging your workplace to work together to minimise any risk of a security breach, your employees can help to make security best practices part of your company DNA.

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