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When the worst case scenario occurs to your network or infrastructure, it makes sense to have some dedicated connections in place to help back you up.

For service providers, data loss can be a make or break moment – many choose public cloud providers to help store data off-site, ready to access if and when such problems should arise. There are a huge number of benefits to off-premises networks handling your sensitive data in the cloud.

Veeam Cloud Connect is just one element of the fantastic Veeam Backup & Replication service, enabling both standard users and service providers to access their backup data and disaster recovery plans without having to implement a completely new, second infrastructure.

What is Veeam Cloud Connect?

Veeam Cloud Connect acts as your go-to off-site backup and disaster recovery management service. Rather than having to rely on a public internet cloud service to access data and document replenishment, Veeam Backup & Replication takes your sensitive corporate information and records off-grid via dedicated connection, allowing you to activate a data recovery request wherever you may be, at any time of the day.

With Datastore 365’s help, you can be sure that your on-premises network is ready to bounce back from any data loss disaster at short notice. The best element to this dedicated interconnect is the fact that you can scale your data recovery demands up and down as you wish – and you only ever need a standard internet connection to connect to your own unique, private Veeam. Cloud Connect portal.

With so many different cloud services out there to choose from – Google Cloud amongst them – Veeam Cloud Connect offers a refreshingly robust, user-friendly opportunity for enterprise owners to oversee their sensitive data – fully encrypted, and ready to reload in the face of both malicious attacks and natural disasters.

How Does Veeam Cloud Connect Work?

If you already benefit from Veeam. services, such as through the Veeam. Availability Suite, then you are halfway towards protecting your data in the cloud. Veeam Cloud Connect is the brand’s

landmark cloud environment, enabling you to effectively transfer your existing data into a floating storage service without the need to worry about losing out on security and availability in the field. While many enterprises still benefit from a physical link or two between standard servers and storage solutions, Veeam Cloud Connect Backup provides you and your team with further peace of mind – particularly with more and more businesses moving into remote operations.

Veeam Cloud Connect acts as a flexible, expandable cloud repository – one that is entirely off-site, and that is available to you in a variety of sizes and setups. Whether you are looking for a leading hybrid cloud strategy for your data, or are keen to cut security risk downtime in half, we will work with you to set up a seamless Veeam. Cloud Connect backup that’s ready to launch whenever you need it.

Virtual machines are fast becoming part of the standard digital transformation – whether it is a server, a software stack or a variety of backup services, the future lies in the cloud.

What are the Benefits of Using Veeam Cloud Connect?

Veeam is a leading name in secure backup support. From the start of the process, you will have access to a powerful solution to off-site data storage that gives you complete oversight of your data and available backups.

As your dedicated cloud service provider, we can tailor Veeam’s cloud backup standard to be your single solution in the event of data loss. Consider the potential capital expense should you lose access to high-profile data thanks to a power outage, or even due to a malicious attack. Without any kind of data backup system or process in place, you are at risk of further expenditure in having to put such damage right again.

What’s more, Veeam offers completely private access to data and backups on demand. Acting as a floating, private data centre, Veeam Cloud Connect acts as a professionally encrypted repository for data in all forms and complexities. What’s more, you have the additional security assurance in that your data is immediately encrypted before it even leaves your on-site network. It’s just one of many benefits to aligning your ongoing data strategy with Veeam. and Datastore 365.

Even if you do not already benefit from other Veeam business network resources, you can scale up cloud data storage with their backup solution from the ground-up. As your dedicated experts in cloud backup and business continuity solutions, you can be sure that we will draw up a secure, ever- available data restoration system that’s tailored to your business requirements.

Data leaks and loss can occur at the worst possible moment. Not only can losing data drive up additional costs in terms of recovery and reputational management, the cost of downtime on a growing business can be catastrophic. As a result, with just a regular internet connection, we can help you set up a scalable data management resource that saves you money every second it’s in operation.

Of course, there are further additional security features to take advantage of on-board. Veeam.

Cloud Connect acts as Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) meaning your organization only ever pays for the backup and encryption elements that are relevant to your needs.

Moreover, always consider flexibility – as well as saving on additional storage costs on-site,

Datastore 365 and Veeam can help you to access your off-premises data centre no matter where you are in the field. There’s simply the need for a basic internet connect, and a login created by you, in-house – and you can backup and restore wherever you or your agents may be.

Discover the Power of Veeam Cloud Connect

Veeam provides a leading backup data centre infrastructure that’s ready to move fluidly with the remote working age. Don’t risk a single moment where your sensitive data may be lost – the monetary cost, as well as the cost to your reputation, simply is not worth a cavalier attitude.

Call or email our team now to find our more about Veeam Cloud Connect – and why it might just be your best move into off-site backup and recovery.

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