How does Asigra backup work?

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Across desktops, laptops, mobile devices and more, Asigra is a leading name in backup software that we at Datastore 365 rely on to provide incredible, cross-platform access to disaster recovery on-demand.

A backup solution that operates cross-platform – across Window, Linux, MacOS and more operating systems – Asigra’s backup technology is tailored to ensure that small to medium businesses have a wide range of remote data replenishment support whenever they need it. Additionally, it’s affordable data protection that’s not just an in-house security measure.

But how exactly does Asigra Backup work, and why might it be the best backup and recovery software for your own operation?

How can Asigra Backup benefit me?

Asigra Backup is the cloud-based backup solution offered to enterprise users in need of protection
against a variety of modern dangers. Entire data centers need more protection than ever before against ransomware, data loss and accidental deletion.

Crucially, Asigra’s cloud backup not only helps to ensure you have a disaster recovery trigger, but also that your backup sets are protected with the best in professional protection. With data at increasing risk of malware attacks from all quarters, an enterprise backup system needs to be ready to both store backup streams while keeping them under lock and key from would-be hackers and malicious code.

A backup license from Asigra will offer you active protection against a wide variety of threats – with ransomware protection combining alongside backup technology to help you bounce back from data loss of any shape and size. If you are struggling to meet recovery time objectives and are losing money through increasing downtime, you need access to an affordable product that can scale up and down with your business’ data demands.

Asigra also supports a range of sources for further backup and protection from ransomware – such
as through physical on-site backup sources, to a popular third-party plugin. The FreeNAS plugin, in
fact, is regarded as one of the most flexible options for enterprises that are scaling up.

Why backing up corporate data matters…

Backing up all corporate data in the cloud simply makes business sense in the modern age. Data
loss, whether malicious or otherwise, can result in loss of revenue and extensive downtime. What’s
more, even a small company could have multiple servers that store data and are vulnerable to

The cloud is ideal for backing up your data because you don’t have to worry about running out of
space on your own server; instead, your files are stored online. This also means that you have free
access to your data outside of the office, which is useful if you’re working remotely or travelling
frequently. Once you’ve saved your documents to the cloud, they’ll be available from anywhere at
any time — no need for external hard drives.

Why protect your backup data with Asigra?

No matter how high profile your clients may be, as a business, you have a duty to ensure that your
customers’ data is under close supervision. Running anti-malware scans on your existing data silo
is no longer enough – critical event management software may be capable, but as customer
demand and data increase, malware sophistication evolves, too.

Backup technology provided by Asigra Cloud Backup not only ensures you have data ready to
replenish in the event of the worst case scenario, but that your information is fully encrypted at each
stage of the operation.

If you’d like to know more about Asigra Cloud Backup but are still considering your options, do make
sure to get in touch with our team for further advice. Why not consider Veeam Backup & Replication
as an alternative?

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