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Are your current Backups Cyber Secure? And can they be relied on when you need them ?

Is your backup still fit for purpose?

Just having a traditional backup is no longer considered sufficient in today’s modern world of constantly evolving and increasingly sophisticated threats.

Let us show you how Datastore365 & Acronis are redefining the backup landscape in the face of these new and constantly evolving threats.

Regardless of where your data is currently held be they VM’s, Cloud, Microsoft 365 or on premise let us show you how we can provide your business with the backups & cyber security you need.

Join The Cloud Specialists on our webinar on Thursday 15th December 2022 from 10.00 am – 10.45am

During the webinar we will be challenging your thoughts on the following topics:

  • O365 Backup – Backup of email, Teams, OneDrive & Sharepoint with unlimited data and infinite retentions.

  • Immutability – Ensuring that once backed up no threat actors can tamper with your backup data.

  • Clean data – ensuring your backups are taken in a clean state free from malware.

  • Regular Malware Scanning – Ensure backups are regularly scanned for malware.

  • A Secure Restore – Scan your backups as data is restoring to ensure a clean copy restored.

  • Disaster Recovery – Recover your business in minutes when disaster strikes by spinning up your systems in Acronis Cloud and restoring them giving immediate data availability. Make disaster recovery painless and increase efficiency with orchestration, runbooks, and automatic failover.

Register below for our Webinar with Acronis on Redefining Backup & Cyber protection solutions on Thursday 15th December at 10.00am