How Cloud Computing can do Wonders for Small to Medium Size Enterprises

How Cloud Computing can do Wonders for Small to Medium Size Enterprises

Cloud computing is redefining the way businesses do their business. There’s no need to worry about backup, data loss, support and upgrades. All this is taken care of by our dedicated team of cloud computing experts.

So what’s all the hype about?

Lower costs

Moving to the cloud can provide small to medium size businesses with significant savings. Cloud migration means small businesses will see a decrease in rack space, power usage, IT requirements, etc. That means lower installation, maintenance, hardware, upgrade and support costs. Through cloud computing, companies can “rent” the needed hardware capacity and adopt a plan that suits its needs, therefore paying only for what it needs. For small businesses, especially, these types of savings are invaluable.

Safety & Security

Losing or breaking a £500 laptop may not seem like a big problem, but its mistakes like these can have a detrimental effect upon the business. Cloud computing gives offers a safety blanket for when accidents like this happen with our disaster recovery services. And we can even wipe off all the data from a device before it ends up in the wrong hands. But security is not just about disaster recovery. Your data is constantly stored in a high-security data centre, so we can promise that your data is locked up. Think of it as the Fort Knox of data protection.


One of the most useful benefits of cloud computing is being able to access your work files from more than one device. Working on the go using a mobile device between meetings or out of office hours means that your data is not stuck on a single server on a single computer. Cloud applications are available around the clock; all you need is an Internet connection. So you can work however you like – remotely, from home, or on the move.

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