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Data Recovery: Where the rubber meets the road!

Will your backup solution hit the ground running?

It’s true, backing up your critical data is a MUST. It’s the key ingredient to every data security strategy. But, data recovery is where your solution is really put to the test. Following a disaster, cyber attack or accidental deletion, minimising the impact of downtime by recovering data quickly becomes the key emphasis. Have you tested your Disaster Recovery plan?

How fast can your data be restored?

The faster the restoration time, the sooner you can get back to business. In times of need, recovery is everything, and the quicker this can be performed the better.

Recover your data in as little as one hour with Datastore365.

Datastore365’s One Hour Virtual DR (DRaaS) Service enables your business to have your systems up and running quickly and efficiently without the cost of additional hardware and remote sites.

What are you waiting for? Get in touch about our 1 Hour Recovery Service today: 08000 481 848

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